Friday, October 24, 2008

Bouchercon 2008

WOW! Four days of being "Charmed to Death", listening to authors who know how to kill, maim and entertain! Fabulous.
I had an absolute blast hanging out with awesome women from Wisconsin. (right) These ladies are dedicated readers and BIG fans...they should be praised! Besides knowing their authors, they know beer and where to go for the best crab cakes! Say 'hello' to (left to right) Judy, Carolyn, Carolyn (who now lives in Ca.) and Mary at Bouchercon 2009, they'll be there!
A few of my favorite panels : "Rockin' Robin" with Robin Burcell. Sean Chercover, Julia Spencer- Fleming, James O. Born and Vincent O'Neil.
"Get Up", does sex really sell books? Yes it does! And what fun hearing about it from Ted Hertel, Lori Armstrong, David Corbett, Mary Burton and Meg Chittenten. Beautiful and gracious, Mary Burton answered all of my questions during break.
"London Calling", the dark places we go- intriguing. These authors talked about how their personal experiences help create their protagonists and influence their writing. Natasha Cooper nearly brought me to tears with her story about an abusive childhood. And while Ann Cleeves likes to keep things cozy... Mom, Mo Hayder, kicks ass and take names when she's not looking after the kiddies.
"Whistle While You Work" - most inspiring panel. Don Bruns shared a song he wrote, giving me chills. Is this my cup of tea? You bet! Music is one of the most influencing factors in my writing. Story tellers such as Cat Stevens, Dave Matthews, Dido, Blue October, Sting/The Police... their stories resonate in my soul just as deeply as the books I have read. Roz Southey said she fears classical music listeners are on the decline...I hope not. I think more people are tapping into the stimulation and healing properties of classical music. I find including music in a story takes the reader to a whole new emotional level. More please!
Sisters in Crime did an outstanding job hosting the hospitality room for the conference. They held a luncheon to honor author Roberta Isleib for her excellence as SIC President, and to welcome new President, Judy Clemens.

It was a pleasure meeting author and SIC member, Julie Kramer (Stalking Susan) Hold up your new book Julie!

My trip to Baltimore wouldn't have been complete without some sightseeing...

I absolutely love the philosophy in Baltimore:
Baltimore was MAGIC! Love crab cakes? ...OMG!

Love to write or read crime fiction? Bouchercon 2009 will be held in Indiana Put it on your list.
I hope to have one of those "A's" (for author) in front of my name one day soon...