Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Author Signing at Cafilfornia State Fair!

Dänna Wilberg will be appearing in the AUTHORS BOOTH at the CALIFORNIA STATE FAIR on July 12 - 2pm-10pm, July 14 - 11am-7pm and July 24 - 2pm -10pm. Come on out and join Dänna and several local authors during the fair! 

Book I in the Grace Simms trilogy, "The Red Chair" and book II, "The Grey Door" will be available for purchase. Dänna Wilberg would love to meet you and personalize your copy!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

It's official! "The Grey Door" is now on Amazon!

It's official! Book II in the Grace Simms trilogy, "The Grey Door" is now on Amazon!

When Grace Simms is rendered helpless by a lunatic, Police Sergeant Garret Weston intervenes, and Grace begins to love. But a cruel twist of fate takes her down the rabbit hole, and destiny prevails. The young psychotherapist’s life in shambles, Grace seeks the help of her psychiatrist and mentor, Dr. Meltz. A killer is on the loose, and she trusts no one. Her heart shattered, she bids love farewell. In session, Grace digs deep only to be haunted by disturbing dreams and childhood memories. It seems everyone has a secret. Whom can she trust? And then there’s Jess Bartell, the college crush Grace thought she loved and thought she knew. He’s keeping the biggest secret of all, until a new guy moves in on his territory and rallies for Grace’s heart. Then suddenly the competition becomes stiffer than Jess ever imagined.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

"The Grey Door" and "Intuition"!

Okay, we all have it. That little niggling voice that infiltrates our conscious mind whether we like it or not. "It's" called intuition. Internal knowing. But do we listen? Heed the warnings, the good advice? Do we pay attention to our dreams? The images that coax us into re-evaluating our circumstances, our position, relationships with those nearest and dearest to our hearts?

In "The Grey Door", psychotherapist Grace Simms realizes she is out of sorts...out of her mind so to speak. Her situation demands she pay close attention. She has survived a horrendous ordeal, but her gut tells her she is not in the clear. Wanting to put ugliness to rest, she tunes out the warnings and redirects the signals to another part of her brain, the part that rewrites the message into a something more manageable.  Denial. However intuition reacts at the cellular level, and soon it manifests itself into physical anomalies. Headaches, tension, indigestion, poor sleep.  Intuition will not be ignored.

Stories are written for entertainment. Characters manifest in the subconscious. And sometimes the story that needs to be told teaches us something about ourselves. 

"The Grey Door" by Dänna Wilberg - available on Amazon.com June 16, 2015

Friday, April 3, 2015

Okay, ladies and gentlemen, too! As an author, I write about sociopaths, but truth be told, most of us have run into a sociopath or two during our dating experience, right? We may be related to one of these characters, or the sociopath in our life could be our boss! How many of us are aware this flaw is oh-so common? One in twenty-five people are born sociopaths, and many of these people are in our lives as we speak.

What is a sociopath? A person with no conscience. Zip, not-ta! These are people who can lie, cheat, steal, destroy the people around them and sleep like a baby at night. They do, say, and think without consideration for others. Their main purpose in life is to get what they want, when and however they please, and poor you if you get in their way. A sociopath is someone who doesn't cringe when a dog gets hit by a car, and doesn't 'get' why you do. They cover up their incapacity to care by focusing on your discomfort. Sound familiar?

Not every sociopath displays signs of this anomaly outwardly. Some prefer to be sneaky, calculating, throw people around them off guard.  They pull you in, gain your confidence, then whittle away at your self esteem. Life is one big game, with only one winner, and it isn't you! Sure, there are notorious sociopaths--turn on American Greed! Prime examples of conscious-free specimens destroying lives around them , but what about your neighbor? Your girl/boyfriend? How do you recognize sociopath characteristics in those closest to you? Dr. Martha Stout, author of "The Sociopath Next Door", refers to conscience as a "seventh" sense, that has developed over time. Those who lack this seventh sense feel they are better off in many ways. Sociopaths don't struggle with 'right' or 'wrong', they know the difference, but they only do what serves them.

Sociopaths do not feel guilty. Ever. They don't know how, although they may "display" emotion to hide their lack, or up their game. They watch how others respond, and imitate what they see to fit in. Fitting in is part of the game. They will manipulate, tell the 'down and out' story to draw you in, all the while, deviously collecting data to use as a weapon when the time is right. Sociopaths come off as charismatic, dynamic, your best friend, the one guy/girl on the planet who is a perfect match, one who understands you completely, loves you unconditionally. Truth? Beneath this veneer of 'too good to be true' lies a twisted mind that feeds on your soul and won't stop until your consumed. The only way to save yourself is to walk away, and don't look back.

This blog post is for discussion purposes only. Always seek professional help for a diagnoses.
For More Information on Sociopaths Check out the following websites:

Monday, March 23, 2015

What I Learned About Murder in Portland!

At  "Left Coast Crime", everyone talks about murder. Murder is our forté-- as authors, that is! Experts converse about the best weapons to use, how to get away with a crime, how blood spatters speak for the dead, or how to spot a psychopath, much like one would discuss what to feed your baby or the best way to shampoo a dog.

The topic of murder is not for the squeamish, nor is the conversation reserved for sinners and evil doers! It seems everyone from Aunt Louise, to Uncle Charlie, (and his mother) love a good murder mystery! And what does a good story entail? A dead body on the first page? A villain who thinks he can outsmart the protagonist? And what do we love about our hero/heroine? He/she must be one heck of a detective, with flaws of course, the more the better.

I was privileged to moderate a paranormal panel, hosting authors who incur a problem or two with characters who are immortal-- or ghosts!  How do you kill someone who is a mere three-hundred years old? Or already dead? What about the hedge witch who must come up with one heck of a spell to solve a murder? Challenging to say the least.

And why are we so enamored by death? Perhaps reading murder mysteries allow us to imagine both sides of the coin-- victim, and perpetrator. Could it be we "work-out" our own mortality through fiction? Or does immersing ourselves in murderous prose neutralize lurking thoughts we have about our boss, or the nasty neighbor next door? One can only guess.

I met talented authors, dedicated to their craft, and learned new tricks for my arsenal, but the most memorable thing I learned in Portland about murder is-- too many "Voo-doo" doughnuts will kill you! But what a way to die!

Monday, February 16, 2015

Left Coast Crime - Crimelandia in Portland Oregan

Drinks with Dänna Wilberg

Meet Author Dänna Wilberg

 Left Coast Crime - Crimelandia

Thursday, March 12, 2015 at 8:00 PM (PDT)

 Double Tree by Hilton Portland, Gather Bar

1000 NE Multnomah St
Portland, OR 97232

Mystery Authors from all over the world will be gathering at this event! Have a drink with Author Dänna Wilberg , discuss her Romantic Suspense series featuring psychotherapist, Grace Simms!

(4 invites available 1 FREE drink)

 Click Here to RSVP: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/drinks-with-danna-wilberg-tickets-15431628416

"The Red Chair" is available on Amazon, http://www.amazon.com/-/e/B00OFC55D6 

 "The Grey Door" is available for PRE-ORDER February 14-March 20, 2015!  www.greydoorthebook.com

Sunday, February 8, 2015

10 Tips to Tell if Your VALENTINE is a KEEPER!

So...you think you've met the Man/Woman of your dreams? Now let's see if your special Valentine is a keeper!
1) Is he/she a good listener?
Being a good listener lets a person know you care to hear what they have to say. (without interjecting your own agenda).

2) Is he/she supportive of your job? Your dreams? Your interests?
Being supportive allows a person the freedom to be who they are, pursue their interests, and share their dreams without adversity.

3) Do you share the same values?
Do you both desire the same things? A family? The same type of dwelling? Religion and political views? Although you may not be completely in agreement, your views should be discussed and understood before making a commitment.

4) Is he/she receptive to your ideas?
Being able to speak freely about how you want to walk down your path is important. After all, we all have a job to do on this planet, don't we? Does your partner want to help you accomplish your goals and visa-verse? 

5) Does he/she share the responsibility of the relationship?
Yes, there are times when we can't be engaged or committed to one another 100%, but are you on equal footing? Balance in a relationship is important. 

6) Do you feel safe, cared for and love whether together or apart?
Does he/she validate their feelings for you by showing AND telling? No one should have to wonder or worry their significant others actions in a committed relationship. Boundaries should be established and honored.

7) Are you able to compromise on issues you don't agree on?
He/she wants to go to the movies, you are set for a night on the dance floor--how do you settle on a decision? Do you pick your battles? Again, set boundaries. Choose what's important over getting your way or "being right".

8) Does he/she treat you in the manner you desire and deserve?
Does he/she speak to you with respect? Is he/she in tune with your needs and desires? (Having a clear picture of what each person requires can make things sizzle in the bedroom. Just sayin...)
9) Does he/she make you laugh? Enjoy a good time?
Nothing is worse than being involved with a wet blanket! R
ed flags go up in the early stages of a relationship. Heed the warning signs! (The inability to enjoy life can be a sign of depression or serious personality issues).

10) Does he/she make plans that include you both?

Does he/she make reservations in advance? Buy tickets for events ahead of time? Planning signifies commitment. Planning and commitment can lead to a happier future!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Are You Ready for MORE?

Mark your calendars! "THE GREY DOOR", book two in the Grace Simms trilogy will be available for pre-sale on FEBRUARY 14, 2015

Jess Bartell pulled forward until his wheels hugged the curb. He cracked the window an inch. Can’t fog up the windows. He turned off the motor, and waited...
 Twenty-two minutes ticked by before Grace Simms emerged from the grey door. Her long stem legs descended the wooden staircase, slow, deliberate. No work today? Not Grace’s usual business attire, baggy jeans and fleece. Did she feel challenged to aid her clients wage war against worry and despair today? Was she too distraught to coddle the hurt with soothing words? Make the meek feel strong and mighty? Poor Grace. A piece had been ripped from her heart, leaving her vulnerable. Just the way he liked her.