Tuesday, June 16, 2015

It's official! "The Grey Door" is now on Amazon!

It's official! Book II in the Grace Simms trilogy, "The Grey Door" is now on Amazon!

When Grace Simms is rendered helpless by a lunatic, Police Sergeant Garret Weston intervenes, and Grace begins to love. But a cruel twist of fate takes her down the rabbit hole, and destiny prevails. The young psychotherapist’s life in shambles, Grace seeks the help of her psychiatrist and mentor, Dr. Meltz. A killer is on the loose, and she trusts no one. Her heart shattered, she bids love farewell. In session, Grace digs deep only to be haunted by disturbing dreams and childhood memories. It seems everyone has a secret. Whom can she trust? And then there’s Jess Bartell, the college crush Grace thought she loved and thought she knew. He’s keeping the biggest secret of all, until a new guy moves in on his territory and rallies for Grace’s heart. Then suddenly the competition becomes stiffer than Jess ever imagined.

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