Monday, February 16, 2015

Left Coast Crime - Crimelandia in Portland Oregan

Drinks with Dänna Wilberg

Meet Author Dänna Wilberg

 Left Coast Crime - Crimelandia

Thursday, March 12, 2015 at 8:00 PM (PDT)

 Double Tree by Hilton Portland, Gather Bar

1000 NE Multnomah St
Portland, OR 97232

Mystery Authors from all over the world will be gathering at this event! Have a drink with Author Dänna Wilberg , discuss her Romantic Suspense series featuring psychotherapist, Grace Simms!

(4 invites available 1 FREE drink)

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"The Red Chair" is available on Amazon, 

 "The Grey Door" is available for PRE-ORDER February 14-March 20, 2015!

Sunday, February 8, 2015

10 Tips to Tell if Your VALENTINE is a KEEPER! think you've met the Man/Woman of your dreams? Now let's see if your special Valentine is a keeper!
1) Is he/she a good listener?
Being a good listener lets a person know you care to hear what they have to say. (without interjecting your own agenda).

2) Is he/she supportive of your job? Your dreams? Your interests?
Being supportive allows a person the freedom to be who they are, pursue their interests, and share their dreams without adversity.

3) Do you share the same values?
Do you both desire the same things? A family? The same type of dwelling? Religion and political views? Although you may not be completely in agreement, your views should be discussed and understood before making a commitment.

4) Is he/she receptive to your ideas?
Being able to speak freely about how you want to walk down your path is important. After all, we all have a job to do on this planet, don't we? Does your partner want to help you accomplish your goals and visa-verse? 

5) Does he/she share the responsibility of the relationship?
Yes, there are times when we can't be engaged or committed to one another 100%, but are you on equal footing? Balance in a relationship is important. 

6) Do you feel safe, cared for and love whether together or apart?
Does he/she validate their feelings for you by showing AND telling? No one should have to wonder or worry their significant others actions in a committed relationship. Boundaries should be established and honored.

7) Are you able to compromise on issues you don't agree on?
He/she wants to go to the movies, you are set for a night on the dance floor--how do you settle on a decision? Do you pick your battles? Again, set boundaries. Choose what's important over getting your way or "being right".

8) Does he/she treat you in the manner you desire and deserve?
Does he/she speak to you with respect? Is he/she in tune with your needs and desires? (Having a clear picture of what each person requires can make things sizzle in the bedroom. Just sayin...)
9) Does he/she make you laugh? Enjoy a good time?
Nothing is worse than being involved with a wet blanket! R
ed flags go up in the early stages of a relationship. Heed the warning signs! (The inability to enjoy life can be a sign of depression or serious personality issues).

10) Does he/she make plans that include you both?

Does he/she make reservations in advance? Buy tickets for events ahead of time? Planning signifies commitment. Planning and commitment can lead to a happier future!