Monday, January 19, 2015

Are You Ready for MORE?

Mark your calendars! "THE GREY DOOR", book two in the Grace Simms trilogy will be available for pre-sale on FEBRUARY 14, 2015

Jess Bartell pulled forward until his wheels hugged the curb. He cracked the window an inch. Can’t fog up the windows. He turned off the motor, and waited...
 Twenty-two minutes ticked by before Grace Simms emerged from the grey door. Her long stem legs descended the wooden staircase, slow, deliberate. No work today? Not Grace’s usual business attire, baggy jeans and fleece. Did she feel challenged to aid her clients wage war against worry and despair today? Was she too distraught to coddle the hurt with soothing words? Make the meek feel strong and mighty? Poor Grace. A piece had been ripped from her heart, leaving her vulnerable. Just the way he liked her.