Monday, November 24, 2014

What Does Grace Know About FEAR?

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 President Franklin Roosevelt said, "The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself."  
As humans, we are hardwired with five primal fears:

  • Extinction—the fear of death. Non existence.
  • Mutilation—the fear of losing a body part. Anxiety around animals or other creatures that can cause mutilation.
  • Loss of Autonomy—Claustrophobia. Fear of intimacy
  • Separation—Fear of rejection,  abandonment, feeling unwanted, worthless.
  • Ego-death—Fear of humiliation. Shame. Disapproval. Jealousy or envy issues. Fear losing the integrity of the Self.
  •   Psychotherapist, Grace Simms, considers herself a professional. But when her college crush calls out of the blue and wants to get together, which fear is triggered?
  • Not only is Grace dealing with matters of the heart, soon, another fear begins simmering in her subconscious, she suspects she’s being followed. Her natural instincts kick into a higher gear, and she seeks help from the police. Given her profession, what is the first question they ask? Does she have any enemies?

     In session, Grace feels she provides her clients with a safe place to work on fear, to understand the connection, make better choices and conquer fear. But when her own situation escalates, she must face the facts: FEAR is a lot easier to master when it’s not your own.

    Grace’s clients are victimized by decisions made at an age when their frontal lobes weren’t fully developed! Decisions which have escalated into situations that need fixing. For James, his wake-up call comes when his wife reveals her true colors after their two daughters are born. When Bruce Tessler, develops an addiction to gambling, he unravels a marriage built on quicksand. At eighteen, Marilyn never expected to be reduced to an aging harpy unworthy of her husband’s attention when she hit menopause, Becky has been living with the ideal man in her head since the age of fourteen, a man she can’t name, and Arlene never got the chance to make bad choices, that privilege was taken from her during a home invasion robbery when she was twelve.

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