Friday, October 24, 2008

Bouchercon 2008

WOW! Four days of being "Charmed to Death", listening to authors who know how to kill, maim and entertain! Fabulous.
I had an absolute blast hanging out with awesome women from Wisconsin. (right) These ladies are dedicated readers and BIG fans...they should be praised! Besides knowing their authors, they know beer and where to go for the best crab cakes! Say 'hello' to (left to right) Judy, Carolyn, Carolyn (who now lives in Ca.) and Mary at Bouchercon 2009, they'll be there!
A few of my favorite panels : "Rockin' Robin" with Robin Burcell. Sean Chercover, Julia Spencer- Fleming, James O. Born and Vincent O'Neil.
"Get Up", does sex really sell books? Yes it does! And what fun hearing about it from Ted Hertel, Lori Armstrong, David Corbett, Mary Burton and Meg Chittenten. Beautiful and gracious, Mary Burton answered all of my questions during break.
"London Calling", the dark places we go- intriguing. These authors talked about how their personal experiences help create their protagonists and influence their writing. Natasha Cooper nearly brought me to tears with her story about an abusive childhood. And while Ann Cleeves likes to keep things cozy... Mom, Mo Hayder, kicks ass and take names when she's not looking after the kiddies.
"Whistle While You Work" - most inspiring panel. Don Bruns shared a song he wrote, giving me chills. Is this my cup of tea? You bet! Music is one of the most influencing factors in my writing. Story tellers such as Cat Stevens, Dave Matthews, Dido, Blue October, Sting/The Police... their stories resonate in my soul just as deeply as the books I have read. Roz Southey said she fears classical music listeners are on the decline...I hope not. I think more people are tapping into the stimulation and healing properties of classical music. I find including music in a story takes the reader to a whole new emotional level. More please!
Sisters in Crime did an outstanding job hosting the hospitality room for the conference. They held a luncheon to honor author Roberta Isleib for her excellence as SIC President, and to welcome new President, Judy Clemens.

It was a pleasure meeting author and SIC member, Julie Kramer (Stalking Susan) Hold up your new book Julie!

My trip to Baltimore wouldn't have been complete without some sightseeing...

I absolutely love the philosophy in Baltimore:
Baltimore was MAGIC! Love crab cakes? ...OMG!

Love to write or read crime fiction? Bouchercon 2009 will be held in Indiana Put it on your list.
I hope to have one of those "A's" (for author) in front of my name one day soon...

Saturday, September 13, 2008


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A Place Called Sacramento Film Festival

I am proud to announce: "Remember Me" written and directed by Eric Cotenas, produced by Danna Wilberg, will be shown at the Crest Theatre, October 5th at 1pm. Access Sacramento's ninth annual film festival "A Place Called Sacramento" chooses ten films each year to be made by ten local film makers. We will be celebrating our success immediately after the showing with a "9 for 9" premiere party. Tickets are $15 ($10 for show only) if purchased at the Access Sacramento office - 4623 T Street, Sacramento - before October 5th or pay $20 (for show and "9 for 9" preview party) at the Crest Theatre, the day of the event. Show tickets can also be purchased at the Crest Theatre box office.
For more information on our film go to

Monday, August 4, 2008

RWA Conference 2008

Yep, that's Nora Roberts in the background...signing one of her amazing books before taking the podium to wow a room full of authors who would love to join her on NY Bestsellers list! Her no-nonsense approach to writing is what gets the job done! Nora Roberts is not only a mega talent, she has a great personality and is a very gracious person.

Right: Romantic Suspense author Allison Brennan...another top of the list sweetheart (from our "Sacramento Valley Rose" chapter ), with my friend Donna Benedict who is writing a fantastic romantic suspense, titled "Charades" . Attending workshops all day proved to be exhausting, but we learned from the pros.

Blake Snyder- very tall and very FUNNY! Great Workshop on plotting, log lines and pitching..."Save the Cat" a must read. Blake's beat sheet was used as a guideline for a short film I recently worked on. (My thanks to Babz Bitella who spoke highly of his books in her workshop at Borders )

Dr. Cynthia Lea Clark -former Miss Chicago ( My home town...small world) and actress, profiles serial killers, mass murderers and rapists. Do you know the difference between a "psychopath" and a "sociopath?" Thanks to Dr. Clark, I'll know one when I see one! Watch out boys...

Check back for more photos from the 2008 RWA Conference. Feeling inspired, I write...
From the Diary of James W. Franklin - August 25, 1947 -San Fransisco - The weather, bitter cold for August, mirrors my deepest need. Here, against my will, I face my destiny. Exactly one year since my last visit, I remind myself, while fumbling the lock to room 1545. Pushing my way past redemption, my excitement supersedes my good sense. Tossing the key on the bed, I inspect the room, making sure indeed, there is no one to witness my insanity. Alone, I listen for her return... "Come to me," she coos. My heart leaps in wild anticipation. There, in the window, she is barely an image... "Where have you been?" she demands in a deep, seductive voice. "I've missed you so..." Her words hiss in my ears. I feel the prick of her fangs as I press my body against the glass, "Oh my love," I hear myself say, no longer in my right mind, "I've missed you too..."

Congratulations to Sacramento Valley Rose -Brenda Novak - "Watch Me" now on NY Bestsellers list. How deserving! Check out Brenda's on-line auction, supporting diabetes research!

Below: "Sacramento Valley Rose" reception Thrusday night.

It was great chatting with authors from our chapter!
These ladies know how to have fun!

Jordan Dane and CJ Lyons shared tips on how to write Romantic Suspense! Joined by editor Lucia Macro and author Cindy Gerard - One of my favorite workshops.

Right: Heather Graham

Left: Alexandra Sokoloff
talked about things that "go bump" in the night...If you want to learn more about writing Paranormal Romance...these are your "goto" girls!

Last night of the conference with Terri, Cathy and Donna! CHEERS!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Author Series continues on "Paranormal Connection"

Jennifer Martin appeared as my guest on "Paranormal Connection" in June. We talked about her award winning book "Huna Warrior", her contributions to many of the "Chicken Soup for the Soul" books, and her screenplay, "Hunatics Club" , chosen for the Moondance International Film Festival, August 08. You can find all of Jennifers books on What an amazing writer, teacher and human being! For more information on Jennifer, check out my "Paranormal Connection" blog!

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Author Series airs on "PARANORMAL CONNECTION"

As many of you know, I host the TV show, "Paranormal Connection". It was my privilege to interview Dr. Constance Rodriguez, author of "Gifts of the Soul", (interview to be shown starting May 5th)
Christine B, author of award winning, "Afterlife of Charlotte Browning" and "From the Stones". (interview to be shown starting May 19th) I hope you will look for these amazing authors in your local bookstore!
To watch "Paranormal Connection" on your computer, go to >click<
Watch 17
For more information check out my blog:
Coming up...I will be interviewing authors Jennifer Martin and Sheila Gautreaux-Lee

Monday, March 31, 2008

"CAPITAL CRIMES" Booksigning!

Great News!! The Sisters in Crime Anthology, "CAPITAL CRIMES", is now available at BORDERS! Or..You can now ORDER ONLINE CHECK IT OUT! My story is titled "BORROWED TIME". FIFTEEN awesome mystery shorts written by members of the Sacramento Sisters in Crime. Book Signing in Sacramento, May 7th 11:00 – 1:30 pm at the CENTRAL LIBRARY, 9th and I Streets - Across from Cesar Chavez Park...Here's your chance to visit the Farmer's Market! Join us! I am so blessed to be a part of this! To meet some of the members! >double click<

Here's a sample of my story: "Borrowed Time"
The marquee went dark outside of the Holiday Express Hotel in El Dorado Hills. The NO VACANCY sign turned on. It was after midnight.
Earlier that evening, Suzanne Cash had spoken of saving lives, now she was the one living on borrowed time. Her cold body struggled with consciousness. Weak snippets of memory bled through searing pain…the award ceremony, the applause, leaving the event on cloud nine. She was pleased with herself that the long hours of research and data gathering had paid off. But when she stopped by the pool to dig for her keys, a man had stepped out of the darkness. “You shouldn’t have meddled,” he said in his thick British accent

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Sisters in Crime

Writing coach Penny Warner...
Author of over 50 books! Including "The Official Nancy Drew Handbook"...great advice and a fun read!
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Thursday, January 10, 2008

My Sister

I am so proud of my sister, Kathy, who is not only very talented (she makes the best candles!)... she also has a really big heart. Recently, she was honored for her generousity, by the soldiers in Iraq. Check out her blog...very touching!
Sometimes it takes very little to mean a lot... We can all help.