Tuesday, June 9, 2015

"The Grey Door" and "Intuition"!

Okay, we all have it. That little niggling voice that infiltrates our conscious mind whether we like it or not. "It's" called intuition. Internal knowing. But do we listen? Heed the warnings, the good advice? Do we pay attention to our dreams? The images that coax us into re-evaluating our circumstances, our position, relationships with those nearest and dearest to our hearts?

In "The Grey Door", psychotherapist Grace Simms realizes she is out of sorts...out of her mind so to speak. Her situation demands she pay close attention. She has survived a horrendous ordeal, but her gut tells her she is not in the clear. Wanting to put ugliness to rest, she tunes out the warnings and redirects the signals to another part of her brain, the part that rewrites the message into a something more manageable.  Denial. However intuition reacts at the cellular level, and soon it manifests itself into physical anomalies. Headaches, tension, indigestion, poor sleep.  Intuition will not be ignored.

Stories are written for entertainment. Characters manifest in the subconscious. And sometimes the story that needs to be told teaches us something about ourselves. 

"The Grey Door" by Dänna Wilberg - available on Amazon.com June 16, 2015

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