Friday, April 3, 2015

Okay, ladies and gentlemen, too! As an author, I write about sociopaths, but truth be told, most of us have run into a sociopath or two during our dating experience, right? We may be related to one of these characters, or the sociopath in our life could be our boss! How many of us are aware this flaw is oh-so common? One in twenty-five people are born sociopaths, and many of these people are in our lives as we speak.

What is a sociopath? A person with no conscience. Zip, not-ta! These are people who can lie, cheat, steal, destroy the people around them and sleep like a baby at night. They do, say, and think without consideration for others. Their main purpose in life is to get what they want, when and however they please, and poor you if you get in their way. A sociopath is someone who doesn't cringe when a dog gets hit by a car, and doesn't 'get' why you do. They cover up their incapacity to care by focusing on your discomfort. Sound familiar?

Not every sociopath displays signs of this anomaly outwardly. Some prefer to be sneaky, calculating, throw people around them off guard.  They pull you in, gain your confidence, then whittle away at your self esteem. Life is one big game, with only one winner, and it isn't you! Sure, there are notorious sociopaths--turn on American Greed! Prime examples of conscious-free specimens destroying lives around them , but what about your neighbor? Your girl/boyfriend? How do you recognize sociopath characteristics in those closest to you? Dr. Martha Stout, author of "The Sociopath Next Door", refers to conscience as a "seventh" sense, that has developed over time. Those who lack this seventh sense feel they are better off in many ways. Sociopaths don't struggle with 'right' or 'wrong', they know the difference, but they only do what serves them.

Sociopaths do not feel guilty. Ever. They don't know how, although they may "display" emotion to hide their lack, or up their game. They watch how others respond, and imitate what they see to fit in. Fitting in is part of the game. They will manipulate, tell the 'down and out' story to draw you in, all the while, deviously collecting data to use as a weapon when the time is right. Sociopaths come off as charismatic, dynamic, your best friend, the one guy/girl on the planet who is a perfect match, one who understands you completely, loves you unconditionally. Truth? Beneath this veneer of 'too good to be true' lies a twisted mind that feeds on your soul and won't stop until your consumed. The only way to save yourself is to walk away, and don't look back.

This blog post is for discussion purposes only. Always seek professional help for a diagnoses.
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