Wednesday, April 2, 2014

What 6 Things Can Psychotherapy Teach You About Yourself?

While researching material for "The Red Chair", author Dänna Wilberg had to imagine what her protagonist and psychotherapist, Grace Simms, knew about therapy. What could Grace offer her clients? Creating sessions with a fictional therapist and fictional clients presented a challenge. However, figuratively speaking, being on both ends of the spectrum afforded the author insight to issues that could occur in real sessions. The author also learned that breathing life into a fictitious setting required certain communication skills. Let's say  you're one of Grace's clients, what can you expect to learn from a therapy session? Ask yourself these 6 questions:

1. How do you communicate your needs to others?
2. Are you able to listen objectively to feedback when it pertains to your behavior?
3. What are you feeling?
4. How are you treating yourself?
5. What does happiness mean to you?
6. What are you willing to do to help yourself accomplish your goals?

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Suqie Q said...

Wow! These are some interesting questions to respond to mentally. As I thought about how I would respond I realized my answers changed from my brain to my heart and emotions.

My responses now require that I stop and give much thought to how I feel about past events that affected my life and how those experiences have molded my life.

Thank you dear wonderful writer for this chance for an inter dialogue long overdue. I know this is a fictional book, but it has real life implications for this reader. Bless You! Thank You!


Suqie Q