Friday, December 5, 2014

"Black Friday"? "Cyber" Monday? Announcing "The Red Chair" Friday!

Looking for a special gift for the reader on your list? 
Check out "The Red Chair" 
 by Dänna Wilberg on Amazon!

5 Star reviews for"The Red Chair" 
Here is what people are saying about the first book released in the Grace Simms trilogy:

"This book has hidden powers. From early on in the book I wondered if this was actually a great American novel, and not just a formula-one romance-mystery genre product to feed the hungry (reader)... "

"I loved this book! The author has a way of pulling the reader into the story. I was engaged throughout the entire book..."

"If you're looking for a taut, well-written thriller--this is it. The tension begins early and grows and grows. Danna Wilberg has woven a complex mystery full of compelling characters who are as real as your next door neighbors . . . with one exception: one (or more) of them is stalker/murderer..."

"Wow! That was literally the word that escaped my lips as I read the final pages of The Red Chair. Complex characters - who will visit your thoughts for days after you've read this did-not-see-that-coming page turner - make this a delightful thrill-ride."

"Right from the first page I was pulled into this quirky suspense novel. The rich detail and engaging characters, some of them villainous, made this a hard book to put down. This is not a formula romance, although there are plenty of romantic scenes, and it can be downright scary as well..."

"Emotion, emotion, emotion, the Red Chair crackles with emotion..."

"Wow, a sizzling beginning. I was on the edge of my seat throughout this entire book..." 

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